DUCTZ Qualifications
and Affiliations

    •         Air Duct Cleaning according to NADCA ACR 2013

            HVAC Cleaning Including Cooling Coil, Air Blower,
             Insulation, Cables, Heating Elements, Drain Line and
             Drain Pans...

    •        Mold Remediation for the Air Duct and HVAC Systems

    •        Odor Removal (Fire / Smoke, Tobacco, Musty Old           
            House and other)

    •        Removal of Allergens and Asthma Triggers from the
            HVAC system and Sanitizing

           Sealant Coating insulation and Fiber Board (Duct

    •        Microbial Inhibitor application to HVAC system

    •        Filter Maintenance and Upgrades

    •        UV light installation

    •        In duct Air Purifier installation

    •        Duct work repair and replacement

    To watch a video of a sample service for cleaning and microbial
    inhibiting a residential home, click on the link to the right.  

    The most important thing to know about achieving
    improved indoor air quality through Air Duct and HVAC
    cleaning  is that  anything less than a cleaning  that
    complies with NADCA ACR 2013 Standard is
    unacceptable, and could leave you with more issues than
    you had before the cleaning.  Unfortunately, the
    government does not regulate air duct cleaning services
    or contractors. If improper equipment or procedures are
    used, contractors could make dormant contamination
    airborne and fail to collect all of it.  If this happens, the
    next time your system is re-energized all that
    contamination could potentially go into the living space.
    That is why you have to make sure the contractor you hire
    will use proper equipment and techniques, will have the
    proper State License and will be willing to provide before-
    after pictures.  Please see our references, testimonials
    and information about us sections, or watch a video about
    DUCTZ as a company, to find out why we are the most
    reliable and qualified contractor in the USA.
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